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Smart Way to Quality Beer



Over the centuries of brewing draft beer, there has been no tool that guarantees the quality of the product delivered to the end customer. Now Smart Beer Technology is changing that.

Smart Beer Technology represents a revolution in brewing draft beer. Using a central multifunctional unit connectable with a large number of sensors, it enables the brewer to collect, process, and evaluate operational data from a wide range of physical values and check, optimize, and control industria-gradel brewing equipment. Smart Beer Technology enables complex surveillance of cooling and sanitary units in the brewery throughout the process, as well as subsequent follow-up monitoring and service.

For the first time in all the millennia that beer has been brewed, Smart Beer Technology empowers the brewer to provide the end user with the best product possible.


Smart Beer Technology Platform

The Smart Beer Technology platform collects and evaluates data from cooling and sanitary equipment, then moves it to the cloud, where it is further processed and evaluated. Storing and analyzing data on the cloud enables Smart Beer Technology to apply the rapid developments in IoT technology that are currently changing traditional industries like the culinary arts, so we can keep the platform performing on the cutting edge.

The data is displayed within well-designed applications configured for smartphones, tablets, and PCs. This user-friendly environment is accessible to all kinds of users, from service technicians to marketing professionals. Displays provide an immediate overview of quantity and quality of the beer in a particular brewery, as well as information about the overall status of the particular organization and its service history.

The data can be processed further within big data platforms or machine learning systems for greater insights, such as more effective logistics and service planning or better evaluation of marketing events.



Smart Beer Technology

– A Guarantee of Quality and Innovation

This innovative and unique solution provides full control of draft beer or other beverage quality and enables manufacturers and distributors to give the end customer a guarantee of quality that is unmatchable in the market. Single outputs can be used to support a brewery's brand and secure customer loyalty.

Smart Beer Technology

— Reliable Service

The Smart Beer Technology mobile application makes it possible to check the current status and service of specific draft and cooling equipment. It helps anticipate glitches, extending service life and improving operator confidence in the draft equipment. The system is able to identify a particular technician in charge of regular cleaning and check the cleaning process and its outcome in real time.

Smart Beer Technology

— Checking and Monitoring Beer-on-Tap Parameters 24/7/365

With Smart Beer Technology, the quality control process is no longer time-consuming or costly. Smart Beer Technology provides an effective and affordable solution for monitoring every parameter of a draft beverage. This revolutionary "smart box" collects, monitors, and evaluates a significant quantity of operational data directly from the draft equipment, so that the consistent quality of the beer – and customer satisfaction – increases.

Smart Beer Technology

— Logistics

Because data about the brewing process is collected and evaluated continually, a logistics plan can be connected to the system so that further optimization can be realized and operational costs decreased. The system is capable of predicting and checking the amount of beer brewed in each establishment.

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